Four Poster Bed

Four Poster Bed made from teak wood furniture with sophisticated finish is the elegance and luxury, four posts (one in each corner) to support the top with canopy in a selection of styles for every taste. It has collaborated to make a design statement as a striking  4 poster bed, impressive collection of luxurious decadence collection of teak bedroom furniture. Both modern and vintage and supremely exquisite made and carved from solid teak furniture, elegant wooden Poster Beds frames featured here with curtains additions, elegant and stylish bed for teak indoor furniture.

Teak Four Poster Bed high quality handmade traditional and contemporary items of canopy beds and bedroom furniture. It features the natural rich grain of the wood, a dramatic focal point crafted from teak that combines luxury handcrafted highly skilled craftsmen with the finest materials. A rich collection 4 Poster Bed Canopy and Curtains available in a variety of colors a great addition to any home interiors. Natural Product from Solid wood Made in Indonesia Furniture home of art collections the finest in making high quality hand carved with a refreshingly modern style.

Teak Poster Beds solid wood four-post elaborate bed frame which suitable with tall posts at each corner supporting a frame skillfully constructed of solid teak wood furniture intended to support a canopy with or without curtain. It is extremely spacious look result of beautiful arts and crafts of the best designs collaborated with in special collection. Comfortable and unique line of home accessories, the delicate design that will add a romantic nuance to the teak bed. An elegant and modern four poster bed brings dramatic presence to a teak bedroom furniture to get it just right.

reclaimed teak bed canopy 180x225x220

Four Poster Bed

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