High Backrest Chair

High Backrest Chair for indoor or medical furnishing properties with upholstered armrest and adjustable height supplied by Indonesia Furniture Suppliers Factory. The stitching details identify with handcrafting as ergonomic Chair that beautifully shaped, support and specially designed for the long hours workers in simplicity with a patterned upholstery enhance the quality. High backrest made of teak wood with large variety of colors ensures relaxed sitting takes the strain off the spine. References about an upholstered panel are straight and rectangular, ergonomic and adjustable.

Teak High Backrest Chair teak indoor furniture known as well as the ergonomic chair has high armrest and high backrest, independently adjustable seat with one fingertip lever available also in Fixed-height chair, high density contour and support the curves of human back, to ensure the muscles will relax, comfortable seat and finally your body will energized. High backrest a complete seating system available with a wide selection synchronous mechanism and weight regulation for pleasant seating designed by Indonesian Furniture architect, a blend of vintage, rustic and modernity to provide innovative design.

A high-back chair fits the hollow can be fixed at an upright position to protects the body, made in quality, style and comfort. High Backrest Chair made from a smooth genuine teak furniture with high backrest for comfortable reclining is available in many color options as modern trends nowadays place in addition. It combines comfortable factors, aesthetic styling  design and last but not least, its functionality. A chair characterized by comfortable seating secures the body firmly in any position, giving you the flexibility a moulded seat backrest with exceptional back support.

high backrest balero chair 45x42x105H

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