Indonesian Carved Furniture

Indonesian carved furniture is one of the most appreciated furniture in the world other than Turkish furniture. Indonesian carved furniture has been the main of Indonesia’s export shipment to other countries because of decorated furniture business is very promising in global market. Carved furniture is also very popular in Indonesia because carved furniture is not always available in furniture shops because it will take long to finish carved furniture. Carved Indonesia furniture can be very expensive depends on the difficulties of the carving in it. The most common carving in Indonesian furniture is a Garuda’s head carving because Garuda is a bird which symbolizes Indonesia.

Examples of Indonesian Carved Furniture

There are many types of Indonesian carved furniture. The first carved furniture is chair. Chair here is not only consists of chair alone, but also sofas, couches, and rocking chair. In Indonesia, carved thing is usually being placed inside the living room to be displayed to the guests. So, a carved chair is rarely seen in Indonesia, but a sofa, or a couch with carvings will be easily found anywhere in Indonesia. Most of those carvings are placed in the handle of the sofas and along the top wooden part of the sofa.

There is unique Indonesian carved furniture which can be found in villages called root furniture. Root furniture is furniture made out from big dead tree root which is being processed in many ways and being carved to match the shape of a chair or a table. This kind of furniture is very popular in global market because it has its own uniqueness of art and nature as well. This kind of furniture is rather expensive than the other because the material of this furniture is not always available. Of course many collectors will still be interested in this exotic furniture especially due to its cultural and historic value.

Wooden Carved Furniture hand created by Indonesian artisan gives exotic furnishing results, unique and sophisticated. All parts can be provided in Indonesia Furniture with full of carving creations, every parts, leg of furniture. It is great for your home and garden decoration, such as carved bedroom, made from teak furniture or mahogany, gives antique effect for you bed room.

Carved furniture in Indonesia is usually also furniture to honor the guests which are coming to their houses with a splendid and beautiful appearance of their furniture. Carved furniture can also improve the owner’s social stature because carved furniture can be very expensive and it is considered one of luxurious items that are difficult to get. Carved furniture is mostly made out from hardwood which has a good durability and endurance so it will last longer than other materials. Indonesian carved furniture has its own characteristics which emphasizes on the richness of Indonesian culture.

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