Indonesian Hardwood Furniture

Indonesian hardwood furniture is one of many main products of Indonesia Furniture to be exported to other countries. Hardwood itself is a type of wood with strong density and heavy mass because of most of its stem consists of strong and heavy cambium. This particular kind of tree can be found easily especially in Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the largest hardwood producers in the world thanks to its dense and vast rain forest. The most popular hardwood tree in Indonesia is Teak tree. Teak tree has a long period of time to fully grow. If mahogany usually takes 15 years, Teak tree can take up to 35 to 40 years to fully grow and become ideal to be harvested.

Examples of Indonesian Hardwood Furniture

There are many examples of Indonesian hardwood furniture. The first example of this kind of furniture is hardwood chair. Hardwood chair is very popular because of its durability. Hardwood chair can withstand weight of five adult men. Hardwood chair is usually being processed through a particular coating and treatment to be termite proof furniture. Even before receiving such treatment, this particular wood is usually termite proof because it has a very strong structure and termites tends to find softer woods. One of this furniture setbacks is this furniture is heavier than any other chair which are using different materials.

Solid Hardwood bring fine quality for your furniture, now comes with various design from vintage up to modern stylish. It is good for many purposes whether for indoor and outdoor, such as you garden, patio or for bedroom usage, legs, sliders. The most suitable material for wood flooring for home and office. Indonesia Furniture can customized your order with those kinds of purposes or made by order.

The next example of Indonesian hardwood furniture is a cabinet. In Indonesia, cabinets, or wardrobes is usually made from hardwood, in this case teak wood. Teak wood has a very high level of density and it is very durable. The most important characteristic tor cabinet’s material is it is strong and not easily be broke by termites or other threats, and teak wood is one of the strongest woods they can find in Furniture Indonesia. Despite of its hardness, it is very suitable for most of wood working tools, so this wood can be easily shaped.
Hardwood has much superiority compared to other types of wood. Hardwood tree is one of the hardest woods in the world and it makes this tree avoided by most of wood eating bugs like termites and others. Hardwood tree is also can be shaped and worked easily because of its hardness. Hardwood is one of the most durable woods in the world because it has the longest time span to become rotten and disintegrated by bacteria. The point is Indonesian furniture is one of the best furniture there is in the world.

classic sidebed 45x40x75H

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