Indonesian Legal Wood

Republic Furniture is already certificate of Indonesian Legal Wood SVLK for all Wood Product Traders. These SVLK verification nowaday is required by Indonesian law for all wood product exporters which came from Indonesia. Whether for Teak Garden Furniture, Indoor and outdoor, and other teak furniture products, a legality for furniture industry is needed of its timber product with Legal certificate, in compliance with the most requirements.

Indonesian Legal Wood Garden Furniture a tool to enter the markets is compulsory to obtain the legality. Indonesian timber products with Legal licences will have full access to worldwide market, as the EU market. It is a licensing scheme which ensures timber exports , the important factors, importation of legal timber and wood products from Indonesia. Indonesian forestry, more focused for Java Furniture, sector has a sufficient supply of legal timber to fulfill its growing demand for furniture.

The Indonesian Government strictly regulates the export for all wood and Republic Furnitures alread comply with the regulations. Legal Wood is Good Wood to Makes Good Design, have to V-Legal documents for timber exports to many countries. Republic Furniture is support of the demand of Global Wood Legacy, the commitment of Legal Wood implementation for all products designed to be a credible and fair legality verification systems to contribute in fighting illegal wood production.

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