Jepara Central Java Indonesia Furniture City

Jepara is a beautiful in the north part of Central Java, Indonesia, which widely known as main teak furniture producer, and become main supplier, manufacturer and also exporter many kinds of furnishing products shipping to many countries worldwide. Jepara City growth become more important city, as the teak wood production become more popular, as well as other potential than home and garden product and accessories, such travel destination, Jepara Beach, wood carving handicraft accessories, gazebo, and many more.

You can visit Jepara City for business trips or for tourism and traveling. Jepara Central Java Indonesia Furniture City, here a lot of representatives hotels inJepara where you can stay and relax after doing some business negotiation. There are also many tourist destination to visit, for relaxing and enjoy the sightseeing while you are here. You can also take a rest at Jepara Gazebo which is very unique made from popular and strong jati teak, the gazebo that already ordered by many buyer domestic and international.

Jepara Central Java Indonesia has many interesting places to visit during your business trips. Tourism and travel is the other matters beside the main business people loved to come here. The main business in here of course related with furniture. There are a lot of manufacture, factory, warehouse, showroom gallery found here. From all, the Jepara Outdoor Collection is the most wanted items, as this place is known as the best teak plantation resources managed by Perhutani, Indonesian Government Authorities in Teak Plantation.

A lot of furniture collection you can find here, while for retail business or for wholesale buying Jepara Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer have almost all of design and style known worldwide. You can order many beautiful selection items as well as custom available, the products such as:

– Jepara Teak Furniture, as main products which popular and widely known since long years ago.
– Jepara Wood Carving, made by experience crafter, produce unique design known as original carving.
– Classic and reproduction furniture colonial collections from French, Dutch, British and many more
Other resources such as made from rattan, mahogany etc.


image resources: wikipedia

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