Lounge Bench Seating

Lounge Bench Seating provides a stylish resting place, relax in comfort and style creates an entirely new category made from teak of Indonesian furniture; one that is stylish bench seating a contemporary line and perfect for lobby, a clean and sophisticated look create intimate space with the elegant Bench. Straight bench seating becomes a unique experience, manufactures custom, built for comfort complement all seating models and provide strategic, functional and modular with optional privacy panels benches, part of a comprehensive line of seating series and more.

Lounge Bench 2 Seater and Lounge Bench 3 Seater will spice up your space with beam seating, endless configurability makes an ideal seating choice as a ground-breaking collection series rests with its contemporary and vintage style, a variety of benches can be combined built on simple base elements, is a lounge seating solution that is really comfortable and provides a stylish resting place whether in offices, home or garden. It is adaptable and contemporary custom benches for specific functionality, comfortable for indoor and outdoor, benches to complete and create a stylish and distinctive collections.

Wooden Garden Bench 2 seater or 3 seater available here as well as for office and home lounge all wood framed benches create a comfy hangout space, the right seating to set up a stylish lounge space with current design provide big comfort inspires a modern feeling of home and public spaces curating a blended lifestyle is an all inclusive series which includes seating, with a versatile composition as commercial lounge seating such as lobby seating or restaurant lounge.

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