Outdoor Teak Table

Outdoor Teak Table for your patio or garden space is made beautifully to withstand all weather conditions as teak is the best wood for outdoor furniture. A proud supplier for export purposes of outdoor furniture in Indonesia craft many unique pieces of all aesthetically pleasing and built to last suits well for outdoor use. It is made using Indonesian teak wood furniture, its sturdy construction enables years of reliable use comes in a variety of styles. Teak Garden Tables  and benches for outdoor events of durable and weather-proof is a fantastic selection of teak products.

Teak Table Furniture effortlessly design perfect outdoor expertly crafted with the upmost design to suit your every need. Create a rustic or modern style setting in your backyard, in robust natural wood. Made from solid planks of Jepara, Indonesian teak table, designed with a mix of heft and grace, carry a diverse selection of attractive as well as high quality outdoor tables. Teak Dining Table hand made from A Grade Teak Wood made to the highest standards flows with a linear design of clean lines and a unique wood grain to find the perfect style for your patio, garden, backyard.

A wide variety of styles Outdoor Teak Table is sliced and formed into a modern or vintage shape. Javanese Teak Furniture made from sustainably sourced made of sturdy eco-friendly teak from Jepara Indonesia Furniture, Central Java Province and pure with powerful design of a natural and unique teak product. Exclusive collection Teak outdoor table with solid quality construction perfect for solid unfinished premium teak, with its richly-grained wood, features furniture designed for outdoor use, with a focus on tables, built to last nature’s elements have matured the teak gracefully.

See Our Collections below:
Extending Table
– Fixed Table and Extending table
– Folding Table
– Side and Coffe Table
Teak Umbrella Stand and Table

Our collections consists of many kind of sizes design, whether octagonal, oval, rounded, rectangular and many more options. We are also available for teak table indoor collections to complete all furnishing in the garden and home as well.


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