Outdoor Teak Umbrella Stand and Table

Outdoor Teak Umbrella Stand and Table vibrant sun-drenched colors crafted of durable Indonesian teak furniture collections to shade your patio or garden. Solid teak patio umbrellas all beautiful and sturdy offers a full suite of gorgeous teak umbrella with variety of stands. Finely crafted and designed made by the top brands Inesonesia Furniture manufacturers. Shade anywhere you need it with Teak Finish Light Wood which the frame and pole are made from certified A-grade teak, shimmering through the awnings along and enjoy a sunny day while being protected from harmful Ultra violet rays.

Teak Umbrella Stand offered in many different styles and motives, made of quality construction starting with a solid teak umbrella combining the classic styling of teak with the contemporary look. Teak umbrella side table is designed for your rectangle patio tables a beautifully crafted teak pole and struts, for classic and contemporary options availble. Classic Teak Umbrella available in different sizes and shapes as one piece for excellent strength and long term durability. All are available in a wide variety of colours which is made from premium solid Teak.

The unique design teak umbrella a wide selection provided in the highest materials from certified selected woods. Large variety and colors masterfully designed to help keep cool while enjoying your patio and garden. Enjoy the comforts of shade is a statement of class as the perfect accessory also available in custom made. Showcasing many kinds on umbrellas such as market umbrella, beach umbrella, Sunbrella, Parasols, made of genuine Grade A teak. Our Teak Umbrella Stand and Table is ideal for outdoor settings 100% plantation grown Teak furnishings offers ideal shade coverage.

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