Reclaimed Indonesian Teak Parquet Flooring

Reclaimed Indonesian Teak Parquet Flooring, wooden block with geometric pattern collection from Indonesia Furniture manufacturers provide a quality and hard-wearing parquet from South-East Asia, an interesting graining available in Wholesale Various High Quality World flooring products manufactured from a reclaimed teak furniture, natural, rich and luxurious appearance makes an excellent teak parquet flooring in both traditional and modern design options sourced from preferred suppliers with reputable company. Teak Parquet Flooring material is precisely manufactured also available for custom made wood floor.

Teak Parquet Flooring is a more modern looking teak floor option with its scarcity character is highly sustainable and timber colors becomes dark with age. A solid teak wood parquet flooring widest selections high quality products available in hundreds of categories wholesale direct from Indonesian Furniture Company. Beautiful Reclaimed Teak Hardwood parquet Flooring Blocks,a geometric mosaic of wood pieces, entirely geometrical and good quality parquet blocks is priced per square meter and is being. Teak Parquet Flooring style gives it a natural weather as well as impact resistance provide flooring of different widths and thicknesses.

Reclaimed Teak Tile Flooring from Indonesia Furniture is being one of the most durable and dependable exotic hardwoods, has a wide range in options depending on the quality and source of wood. A closer perspective and much more is available to view at our gallery in Jepara City, Central Java provinces. See the elegant and exotic touch in a herring bone design, intend to use this throughout the entire dealing with, match the original teak filled and finished the whole floor with the highest standard available. Teak parquet with very high resistance and very easy cleaning and specifically designed.


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