Reclaimed Teak Chest of Drawers

Reclaimed Teak Chest of Drawers has been handmade by Indonesia Furniture beautifully handcrafted in reclaimed Indonesian wood contemporary the ultimate style with sophisticated and solid wood crafted from reclaimed teak furniture. An enormously resilient that a well used piece of Indonesian furniture, a set of retro chest of drawers beautifully designed both functional and stylish is quite stunning that will create a natural elegance in the range of features stylish drawer made from reclaimed teakwood which is decorative and extremely durable in all collection will be more luxury and elegance as well.

It is 100% solid reclaimed teak chest of drawers construct from reclaimed teakwood material are durable which is made by Indonesian furniture committed to environmentally solutions in unique size. A superb retro mid century teak chest of drawers beautiful shabby chic made from recycled teak furniture constructed entirely of solid reclaimed teak, salvaged from Jepara, the central Java region of Indonesia. Unique Indonesian Teak Furniture an exotic combination of materials handcrafted by traditional artisans from Jepara, inspired by the elegance of reclaimed unique character will reflect the individual presentation.

Reclaimed Teak Chest of Drawers can adapt to the size while making based in custom order, a contemporary pieces made of reclaimed teak furniture credited by ILK Forest legal certification, a stunning wood drawers constructed with solid teak planks, allow the drawer to open with ease built to last for life with Solid mixture plantation-grown. Bedroom dressers applied the wood details 100% solid reclaimed teak (ILK-certified) custom manufacturing available. Beautiful handcrafted Indonesia furniture, natural and elegant Chest of Drawers Wood finish create storage which is eco-friendly with sustainable vintage pieces.

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