Solid Teak Bookcase

Solid Teak Bookcase and cabinet consists of solid door cupboard, shelving with stunning finished to create the distressed look and full range units. Storage Cabinets with magnificent wooden material in classic and modern designs Indonesian Furniture design-styled available. Display all your decorative objects in this bookcase is completely customizable for your wants and needs as well as original design. Solid teak bookcase with wooden doors is elegance to your personal library or put in living room with all solid woods with hand carved details.

Solid Teak Bookcase with it’s rounded lines and beautiful construction, oiled with many elegance colour options is perfect for any number of books with various heights and the set is very sturdy. A perfect Teak Book Case handmade in Indonesia Furniture from solid purposed as traditional Javanese style in contemporary and traditional designs. Beautiful bookcase in solid teak with made out of full wood ethnic style handmade by professional wood artisans. Thick teak shelving inside is a fantastic addition to any home is a unique piece of mid century.

Solid teak wood Indonesian bookcase display cabinet in the manner of fabulous and beautiful rustic Indonesian solid teak bookshelf. Two-piece bookcase designed by Jepara Furniture artisan made of solid teak construction with beautiful colour and fixed positional Bookshelves vintage natural minimalist and modern as well. The perfect shelf crafted from solid teak furniture wood in great shape. Presented in excellent quality thick solid teak stands on short solid teak legs which are typical will enrich your furnishing and get the most out of your space with decent placement.


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