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Solid Wood Furniture

Solid Wood Furniture for living environment custom built in Indonesia Furniture with many options of finishing available in sized and style. Sustainably harvested woodcraft with handmade as an exclusive range of wooden furniture for living room, bedroom, bathroom, patio, indoor and outdoor collections. Solid wood beds create the perfect bedroom builds pieces of eco-friendly and timeless range, crafted from teak wood in a wide variety of styles from sustainably sourced that provide luxurious and beautifully handcrafted made from fine wooden furniture for both traditional and contemporary style.

Solid Teak Wood Furniture Online collections available at Indonesian Furniture Online Store a solid items that you can be proud of, artisan handcrafted with fully framed cases and panel construction. Jepara Wooden Furniture model series made accentuates the natural, strong enough due to sustainable sources, made right exclusive designs in varying levels construction. Solid wood furnishings and decoration offer large collections of natural construction, furnish your home with natural products with varies in colour and sized is the dream of a lifetime.

Solid Wood Furniture Manufacturers a wide selection by style in a perfect piece for your indoor and outdoor decor. Custom solid wood furniture from specially selected resources which have been passed down through over the ages. All the wood used in the teak furniture manufacturers each handcrafted pieces made unique objects concepts that brings beauty and excellent experience styles and finishes tooling solutions for stunning results. Teak Wood furniture pieces performs its beauty and durability in Indonesian Furniture Online Stores for better shopping experiences.

teak wood bistro arm chair 48x48x92


Solid Wood Furniture have many kinds of options, hard, strong and heavy wood with its excellent and sturdy abilities also for popularity. Furniture made of wood with many types commonly used such as:

  • Dark Teak, A kind of tropical hardwood wood patterns tree collection.
  • Painted Wood, a colorant suspended with add rich color to wood and get a more even stain.
  • Mango Wood, one of evergreen tree, mango wood timber has a a hard, dense, lighter than most other hardwoods, and well-defined grain pattern.
  • Mahogany Wood, a tropical hardwood species which has straight-grained, color of reddish, yellowish to brown timber, hard and heavy wood used in making furniture.
  • Teak Wood Furniture, a hard, medium brown wood, hard strong durable yellowish-brown wood.

Many kinds of options you can choose in the process of making, from unfinished teak such as make rocking chairs. All of teak produced from legal plantation of Indonesia Furniture, having legal certificate to ensure to keep environmental and green wood production in this country.  Here some production that Republic Jepara produce from all solid wood presented such as examples following: Wood Table, Doors, Sofa Sets, Planter boxes, Lazy Susan, Mirrors, bathroom shelves and many more.

Solid Wood Furniture gorgeous also made from recycled, reclaimed furniture, made directly from our new factory at Jepara. All luxury collection which has many kinds of wooden garden furniture design plans.