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Teak Trolley Serving Cart with Wheels

Teak Trolley hand-crafted Indonesian Furniture that can be used for bar, kitchen, Television, Food Cart and many more. Teak Server with drawers and area to hold bottles also availble with wheels in the back and supported with rubber lined teak wheels in front. All Grade A Teak legal resources made of premium solid teak, Serving Cart with Wheels or usually called as Teak Trolley side storage drawers with double butterfly extensions and additional pull-out side extension.  Simple yet sophisticate trolley is made of solid teak wood and carefully been designed in terms of structure and also protection.

Indonesian Furniture Teak Trolley available in different color displays stunning teak grains and quality. Stylish teak trolley with a metal trim has everything including drawers, a bottle rack and compartments. Teak Trolley Table made with its teak shelves will help make entertaining a snap by a robust square design that uses solid teak wood serves perfectly as a beverage cart with modular shelves, beautifully constructed Indonesia Furniture Teak Trolley Serving Cart. It is become the perfect way to deliver full array which folds out to make a small table.

Teak Trolley Table that adds lots of character for the side of a chair, which the structure can be folded to save space when it will be stored. Made in Jepara Furniture manufacturer, teak trolley cart with a removable tray, is great addition to covered porch. Teak Trolley Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer its extremely tight wood grain for the party season and enjoy the convenience of this strong and durable wooden materials. A stylish serving trolley always fine-tuning the concept of design has very detailed wood grains and a stunning sleek presentation.