Teak Dresser

Teak Dresser finest materials with unique accents in both classic and modern designs with smoothly sliding drawers and lots of storage cabinets can be put in the bedroom or other rooms. Its warmth and durability indoor furniture collection, all pieces are unique accented with other materials, completed with gorgeous teak veneer and also locking top drawer. Home decor as one of the most stunning reclaimed teak dresser suitable for most rooms, nice quality dresser in all the right details source for eclectic and stylized scene, offers optimal storage solutions which is handmade and unique.

Teak Wood Dresser actual finish with various dimensions and options drawers, shelves and door pulls. Teak Dresser with many choices of top layers, with or without Stool made from 100% solid teak furniture, a range of products that is a really nice product made in Jepara, Indonesia. Reclaimed Teak Dresser also available in many color options and carved details in natural finish, teak platform base dresser featuring original generous amount of storage. All with teak wood construction, a lovely vintage teak dresser that has a great distressed teak surface finish showcase the beauty of sustainable teak collection.

Indonesia Furniture teak dresser a ready to assemble is one of the nicest furnishing we have offered, with intricately sculpted drawer pulls in the elegant Indonesian style. Modern teak dresser, wonderful teak designed, clean lined accent product description and a distressed colorful finish. It is superb quality construction design piece slide well with Custom Made available for wholesale order. Solid teak base decorate home interior with beautiful dresser storage features a graceful and sophisticated look for elegant performance with a jump drawer and locker under design.

teak dresser 220x50x90H

teak dresser

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