Teak Sideboard Sliding Doors

Teak Sideboard Sliding Doors has a spacious upper cupboard features a simple and elegant sideboard with sliding doors each with a shelf in a beautiful finish to go, scratch to side that can be waxed, made from 100% solid teak grade A. A range of products which combine design and function with expert craftsmanship. All drawers slide smooth and hutch has sliding glass doors round out this functional piece. Indonesian Teak Sideboard With Sliding Doors very high quality sideboard made in decorative, superb collections made in Indonesia Furniture with a striking richly coloured teak sideboard with sliding glass door cabinet with adjustable shelf.

Teak Sideboard Sliding Door front features sliding doors and drawers, very beautiful and sophisticated teak sideboard with ingenious sliding door system, well-designed Teak sideboard with organic shaped handles, has many similarities to Indonesian sideboards a stunning piece sliding door teak open to reveal fixed shelving, is a timeless collection. 100% solid grade A teak sideboard with sliding doors completed with round tapered legs, its sliding doors and drawer, offer practical storage with beautiful base, brought it home that designed symmetrical features gorgeous teak wood sliding doors combines beauty and utility of spacious sliding doors.

A storage unit Indonesian Furniture teak sideboard sliding doors combining beautiful workmanship with practical storage, with there is plenty of storage finished in popular typical style enclosing shelves and drawers. Beautiful of the entire slender sideboard with glass doors piece originally had storage cabinets with its sliding teak wood doors and drawer, an elegant exterior made from sustainably raised Indonesian teak with Natural wood consoles and buffet sideboards available in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. Teak sideboard with two sliding doors, lovely made in Jepara, features sliding doors with shelving space one of a kind piece.

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