Teak Sungkai Furniture

Materials are needed for making teak furniture is wood. There are many type of teak furniture in making solid wood furniture and interior design is derived from the stem wood of trees, among others, Dutch teak, camphor, mahogany, Sungkai, and teak. In the group of solid wood, teak is strong compared with other types of wood. Wood is resistant to weather and high temperatures. In addition to expensive, for the same sizes, teak is far more serious, Because the price is quite expensive and tend to rise, wood is rarely used as the starting material furniture, instead of wood used is teak wood Sungkai or Dutch.
type of wood furniture
Sungkai is one type of solid wood that is quite popular in use at this time. Light-colored wood that has a uniform flow of wood fiber. Sufficient strength, and the price is much cheaper than teak, but slightly more expensive than teak Dutch.

The Netherlands has a teak wood grain and the contrast yellow. The wood mapple almost fibrous, while the wood nyatoh reddish brown wood grain features more prominent. From the price, Sungkai wood more expensive, followed mapple wood, teak Dutch.

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