Why You Should Consider To Use Outdoor Fabrics for Indoor Furniture

Teak Indoor FurnitureThe textile and fabric has been evolved for the past decades for its specification and capabilities. The textile industry has been forced to meet the safety and comfortable standard for consumer. There are rules regarding the textile that it should be safe from health and fire problem. These rules allow consumers to expect that the product they buy is safe. The government require manufacturer to put label on the product containing the product’s information. The information includes expiry date and product’s treatment as well as maintaining suggestion and warranty. When it comes to fabric or textile, it is important to know which one is best for outdoor and indoor. With the advance technology of fabric manufacturing, now it is possible to use outdoor fabrics for indoor furniture.

Benefits Of Outdoor Fabric

With label that comes from the manufacturer, consumer could choose the best outdoor fabrics for indoor furniture. The purpose of outdoor fabric is resistant against weather. It is capable to preserve its original color in a long duration under direct light and extreme condition. Sunbrella, a popular brand for many outdoor fabrics, marine products, awnings, and many more, offers the capability to withstand under this condition. With the nowadays perfect manufacturing process, it is difficult to distinguish which fabric that is suitable for indoor use or outdoor. They both feel smooth and flexible. Knowing the difference between polyester and silk is almost impossible.

When choosing outdoor fabrics for indoor furniture, find the label that says solution dyed. It means it is applicable for outside and could stand extreme condition. it is also safe for kids, pets and Clorox. Direct sunlight cannot cause the color to fade. The integrity won’t change even you wipe with Clorox. Check out manufacturers like Sunbrella, Perennials and Kravet Soliel as they offer fabric that withstands extreme condition but with the look of smooth and soft fabric. Also make a research for fabric classification of solution dyed and outdoor fabrics. Consult your interior designer about their capabilities and application.

By applying outdoor fabrics for indoor furniture, you absolutely receive value for money since you won’t need to spend for the window coverings or extra cost to change upholstery of a sofa or any furniture which gets a lot of sunlight and heavy use. These fabrics have a wide ranging collection of various textures and colors so you are easy to mix and match with your interior theme and styles. You won’t need to worry to indoor furniture in your mountain home as outdoor fabrics are able to withstand the extreme conditions of unexpected storm.

Where To Find

Solution dyed or outdoor fabrics are easy to clean and could retain its original color as well as offer more value. Consider using these outdoor fabrics for indoor furniture instead of common upholstery before changing the old one. You do not need to buy new furniture, just wrapped or change the old, faded upholstery with these fabrics. Visit Restoration Hardware for the best high end product collections. They also offer a discount and Trade accounts. Also consider Perennials Outdoor Fabrics as they are made to withstand extreme conditions which should be fine in very wet conditions and too much exposure to sunlight.

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